Heath Bar Trifle

This is a little experiment that my mom and sister came up with. They had made some brownies and decided to try something new. So here is what ya do!

Get a box of brownie mix and make them “cakey”. (Yeah, go by the box) šŸ˜‰

Buy yourself some whip cream, Heath bars, and 2 boxes of chocolate pudding.

Make the pudding while brownies are baking.

Let the pudding set. Take the Heath bars out of the wrappers and put in a Ziplock bag. I took a hammer to mine, but you can smash them up however you please!

Get a tall dish.

When brownies are finished, take a fork and tear them up! Put half of the brownie crumbles in the bottom of the dish, then cover with half of the chocolate pudding. Cover that with half of the Whip Cream and then with half of crumbled Heath bars. Repeat. And there you go! A beautiful looking dessert that tastes delicious and is quite simple!


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