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So, this morning I was going to take Henry to Red Wolf Farm. I dressed him up, I got dressed up and we headed to Maiden. About 3/4 of the way there, I realized I had forgotten my memory card for the camera. As I was about to turn around to go home and get it, I though, “Hey, my mamaw lives up here. I can just go borrow hers.”. So that’s what I did. After one stop we were off to Red Wolf. I park, Henry is excited, we walk up to the gate… and the lady tells me that they don’t accept debit or credit. Blast.

So I load Henry BACK up in the car and we have to go find a bank/ATM. That takes about 15 minutes and we head back. Go through the same routine, get Henry out of the car, yada yada yada. Get back up to the gate and the SAME lady asks me what group I am with. Excuse me? It’s just me and my kid. I’m not with a group. Lady- “I’m sorry, but we only accept school groups during the week”. Me- “ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME YOU STUPID MORONIC IDIOT LADY?!?” (I didn’t really say that. But I wanted to.) Why didn’t she tell me that the first time!? Really??

Turns out the old hag (sorry, but it really lit my fuse) wouldn’t let 2 extra people into their little “club farm” and make $18 extra dollars because obviously we would destroy the place.

And all that led us to the good ol’, everyone is welcome, Boger City Pumpkin Patch. Sorry for the long story, but the venting did help a little!

Enjoy the pics!

Didn’t you know this is how you pick your pumpkin?

It was a little chilly!

Until next year, HAVE A GREAT FALL!