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So our house layout is kind of strange. We have a living room, but right beside the living room, we have this “study” which we put to use as a “junk room”. Henry had been getting so many toys for Christmas, and birthdays and well, just any regular ol’ day. Where did all these toys end up? Junk room. He wasn’t getting any use out of them. Soooo, I decided to do a transformation. Playroom for the kiddo… coming right up!

Here are some pics of beforehand:

Pretty junky, aye? I was sick of it. So for Henry’s birthday from mommy, I decided to go to Lowe’s and buy a gallon of paint. Lucky little kid, ain’t he?

This was my first “paint job”. That is my disclaimer.

Henry got a playtable, chalk board, coat rack, and storage cabinet for his birthday from family and friends (possibly because mommy requested such things) and they all look FANTASTIC in his new room! All it is lacking is a giant world map that I want to hang on the wall! …still looking for one of those, so recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s the finished product!