This was my 2nd time getting asked by our hospital in town to cater an event they were hosting! I was super excited to say the least. This type of thing is totally down my alley.

On the menu:

100 cakepops; 25 red velvet, 25 yellow, 25 chocolate, 25 confetti

Lime punch

Mixed nuts

Easy schmeezy. I got this.

Everything was made, setup complete, looked as though things were going off without a hitch… then came time to open the punch. Punch. The devil in disguise, in case you didn’t know. Be warned.

As I was cutting open the last jug of punch… the bloody knife (pun intended) slipped right off that plastic bottle and sliced my hand wide open. I might have let a few choice words fly, thankfully only my friend Caitlin was near. Since I was luckily at a hospital, we got a nurse to look at it and they said I would survive. So that was a good thing. Bloody hand story over.

The rest of the night went great! I was able to hand out some business cards and everyone was so nice with their compliments! Here are a few pics from the event!

The setup

I loved my cute little place cards made by my friend Erin! Aren’t they adorable?

With all that being said.. Go local and use Pixie Cakes for your next event!