So for Henry’s Easter present this year, I had the WONDERFUL idea of getting him 2 baby ducks. I called all over the place to find out where you could buy some. Finally, I found a Tractor Supply store that had some. We went on one night after I got off work and Henry fell asleep in the car… so he didn’t know about them until we got home. (he he) As soon as I opened that box up he just smiled the biggest smile! His eyes got HUGE! It was the greatest surprise ever! I got them out of the box and he would just stare at them. They kept walking over towards him. (I think they thought he was their mom?? Maybe because he was the smallest person there??) He would just lay on the floor and they would come over to him and he would just giggle! It was so cute. He wasn’t quite as gentle with them as I thought he would be, but he does love them. When he is playing in the living room floor, he has to go over to them and check on them in their box every 5 minutes. It was a great Easter gift, I have to say. And I am also very glad we got two of them. They seem like best buds. And Henry is right in the midst of them.

Hello little duck

Mom, these are awesome.

Daphne and Dilbert sleeping

And of course, he had to check on them FIRST thing the next morning.