Last night it SNOWED!!! This winter has been such a warm one, I didn’t think that we would be seeing any of this fluffy white stuff this year! And then last night, I heard something ‘tinging’ on the windows and looked out and it was sleet.

I wasn’t wanting sleet! I was wanting SNOW! So I go back to my cake decorating and look out the window about 20 minutes later and it’s snowing!!!!! We grab Henry, his hat and a blanket and run out the door with the camera!

He LOVED it! He was all smiling and pointing! It was so cute! It’s so neat to see him learn and see new things. He was so intrigued.

And yes, I know my child has on a short sleeve shirt. It was actually warmer that morning when we went to church. Then we were inside the rest of the day until the snow. Geez! Stop making me feel bad!!

(Just so you can see that it was actually snowing) :/

I thought this Β was neat too, Henry was in the same place last year! πŸ™‚

January 2011