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Here is another dip recipe that works great for a party!


Buffalo Chicken Dip




1 large can shredded chicken (or two small ones)

1 large jar of Franks buffalo sauce (not sure of size, but should be about 12-14 oz)

2 cups of ranch dressing

1 pack of whipped cream cheese

1 bag shredded mozzarella cheese


Put chicken in a bowl, including the water that’s in the can.  Break chicken apart with a fork.  Add the cream cheese, ranch and hot sauce.  You may not want to use but about ¾ of the bottle hot sauce.  I use the whole bottle, but it is a lot of flavor.  Just judge it by the taste.  Stir everything together well, then put into your baking dish and cover with the mozzarella.  Use as much of the cheese as you want from 1 cup to the entire bag.  Bake at 350 until cheese melts and it bubbles in the middle.  Approx. 25-30 min.