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Me and two other friends of mine, Caitlin and Miranda, decided to sign up for a cake decorating class that is held at one of our local community colleges. It’s a continuing education class called Cake 1. (It’s just the basics) For the first class, we learned how to bake a good cake and level it. We learned how to make white icing. And yes, there is a key to getting it WHITE. We were shown how you need to do a “crumb coat”  and letting that crust over to make sure that no crumbs are in your icing. I thought that was really neat. We learned about using piping bags, tips, and what angle you should hold your bag. We piped stars and finally got to decorate our own sugar cookies! It was a blast! Next week we have to make our own cake and have it iced before class starts because we are going to get to decorate! I’m so excited! Here are a few pics from the night!

Stirring up the STIFF icing!

Caitlin and Miranda

Caitlin and Miranda won a cake tester

I won some cookie cutters

My decorated homemade cookies!