During Charlotte Restaurant Week, I decided to go to another restaurant and try it out. (I had also went to Epic Chophouse) Ruth’s Chris in uptown Charlotte was my decision and I am SO glad that it was!

The menu looked great! It was hard to decide what to get!

So I decided to start off with some White Bean and Chorizo Soup.

It was great. Definitely spicy, but I do LOVE spicy so I thought it was wonderful! (Minus a few of the chunks, because you know I’m a texture person)

For my main course, I decided to upgrade to the King’s feast and go with the New York Strip. The plate comes out at a whopping 500 degrees, so I decided to order my steak medium rare, instead of my usual medium, because I heard that the steak pretty much cooks on your plate while it’s sitting there! The steak was incredible! I was only able to eat half of it, but the flavor was amazing.

It is HUGE isn’t it??

I also chose the garlic mashed potatoes as my side. And YESSS! They were creamy and not chunky! I was SO happy!

Here is a picture of the Bistro Filet that one of my friends got. She said it was great also! (I think it looks wonderful!)

For dessert, I got the Trio of Cheesecake, Chocolate Sin Cake and Raspberry Sorbet. And yes. It was THAT good.

Check out this piece of chocolate cake… OH MY GOD!

Overall, this restaurant was great and I look forward to going back again. Thanks for stopping by and thank you #CRW for a couple of grand meals!