This is the first time that my little Henry has been sick. It has been SO hard! I hate watching him cough and then cry because it hurts him and he doesn’t even understand what’s going on with him. I just wish I could take the pain away!

He has been super great through it all. Better than me, I’m sure. He is so precious when he just cuddles up with me on the couch and watches cartoons. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is his favorite. He just lays his little head on my chest and will stay like that. He is a rambunctious little kiddo, so that is VERY unusual for him.

I stayed off work 2 days with him this week after having a three day weekend, and I think I got even more attached than I had already been. He just makes me so happy. Last night I just watched him sleep. It is so crazy how much you can love.

He wanted so badly to be able to play Tuesday, but he was so weak he could hardly walk. He would start, and then fall and cry because he wanted to be able to play as usual. It was really sad for me to watch. He would just stand himself back up and try again though!

I keep finding him standing at the bottom of the stairs and just staring at them. He knows they are a “no-no”. As soon as I see him standing there, and he sees me… he goes for them. He knows what he’s doing. So I say “Henry.. what are you doing”? And here is my response…

He is a little stinker. 🙂 I love him so much.

I am just so use to him being happy and energetic that this sickness has really been a change up. I just want to be with him ALL the time and make him better.

I am ready for him to get back to this!!

But for now, I will just take care of him the best that I can. Even with a snotty/crusty nose, he is still my precious little angel that I love so dearly. ❤

I love you Henry Tyler.