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This is an easy little recipe that kind of just got thrown together a couple nights ago! I had chicken (frozen) and ground beef (also frozen), and I just couldn’t figure out what to make. So I looked in my pantry and saw that I also had some burrito shells, so I’m thinking…chicken quesadillas sound pretty tasty. So I get out the frozen chicken breast and start boiling them. Take them out, let them cool and start shredding them and I realize I have no taco seasoning. Ugh. BIG UGH.

So instead, I decide to season the chicken with onion powder and seasoning salt. Along with a huge slab of butter. :/ I know, healthy right? It just makes it taste SO much better!

So I put the chicken, seasoning and butter into a frying pan and get that all mixed together and heated up.

Then I get another pan out to brown the quesadillas and melt the cheese. With one burrito shell, I put about 3 spoonfulls of chicken, then I sprinkle a pretty heavily with some sharp cheddar cheese and flip the other half of the burrito over to seal it.

Then I put some butter in the other frying pan and put the burrito in there. Kind of like frying a grilled cheese.

Just brown both sides and get the cheese good and melted! And vuala! There you have a super easy dinner on your hands!