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This is a quick and easy little breakfast/snack/supper idea. My mom use to make it for me for breakfast… I know, what was she thinking giving me so much sugar so early in the day?!? I think that is why I now have a brown sugar addiction. Yes, I will eat it straight out of the bag…  but anywho, back to the recipe, you just take however many pieces of white bread that you want to make. Place them on a flat pan and turn your broiler on to Low.

Take butter and cover the bread. Then spinkle brown sugar over that. (to your preference, I like a pretty good bit) Take some cinnamon and shake on top.

Place in the oven and watch till the butter melts and the sides start getting a little toasty. BE SURE TO WATCH! I don’t know HOW many times I have left them in there and walked away and came back to black cinnamon toast! Especially if your oven rack is close to the broiler! But it is a delicious little treat and your kids will love it! …and I think you will too!