Last Thursday night we went to Jerry and Don’s cabin. They have been having these cookouts every since I was a young girl. They are always so much fun. SO many memories there. I remember playing football with a ton of kids out in the back and then putting pennies on the railroad track waiting for the train to go by and mash them! Playing hide and go seek… going to the bathroom because that was the only warm place around! (space heater) Eating ALL KINDS of good food. The Story Boys always make their own Bar-B-Que. You always bring some kind of dessert with you… that’s all that’s required for getting to take part in their huge feast! I remember making chocolate chip cookies for them when I was about 14-15 years old and how they got a huge rave. So this year I decided to make the same. Went over great yet again! There is always a little fire going outside the cabin where usually the men and younger folk talk. Sometimes there is some horseshoe playing going on. All of the women usually stay inside, but it is SO packed in there that you can hardly find a place to stand! I always thought it was such a nice gesture for these men to do this. So this year, I took some pics. One of the brothers now has cancer, so we don’t know how many more years we are going to get to do this. Hopefully some of the younger guys will pick up on the tradition because it always is so much fun. But I just wanted to share this memory that is being continued and hopefully always will be.

Getting ready to head out to the cabin!

Gathered by the fire

Henry eating on... something! Ha!

Henry and Cara. I'm do glad he got to be a part of this. He had so much fun.

Dad and Henry

Daddy and his girls

So there you have it… a little tradition that I am involved in every year. It really is so much fun! I love all the fellowship!