Henry had 4 Christmas’ this year! His list of gifts go on and on and on! I didn’t even buy him anything until AFTER Christmas because I wanted to see what all he would get first! Seriously, a Little People Barn, TONS of tractors, 2 big play things ( I don’t know what they’re called! Ha) toy four-wheelers, Hot Wheels cars, clothes, play phone, toy John Deere Gator, books, electric truck, Hot Wheels race track, bath toys, … I think you get the idea. The kiddo got more than he could ever want.. heck, he’s 9 months old! He didn’t want anything! But yeah, he got a TON. Here are a few pics to show you his first Christmas!

His Four-Wheeler

Playing with Nathan's pirate ship!

Mommy's gift... and new hobby

First Painting