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Well this was my first run at making mallow cups… and they turned out DELICIOUS! I took off work this past Friday and got my sisters to come over and help me. First we went to Shirley’s. It’s a local store that sells ALL KINDS of baking needs. I got my chocolate, coconut and molds from there. Then we set off to Walmart to get some marshmallow cream.

When we got back to the house, I put a pot of water on the burner to boil and put another pot on top of that to put chocolate in to melt. (I don’t have a double boiler so I just used 2 pots) After the chocolate started melting, I turned the burner down to low setting and left the pots on the burner.

Next, I washed my molds and started spooning chocolate into them. I used a paint brush to make sure the chocolate covered the mold. *Make sure you have a pretty thick layer of chocolate on the bottom of the mold.

After all the molds were filled with chocolate, I put the molds into the refrigerator/freezer.

When the chocolate hardened, it was time for marshmallow cream. Make sure you have a cup with hot water to keep the spoon in. It makes the marshmallow cream not stick so bad.

Spoon enough marshmallow cream into the molds to fill the center. Then sprinkle some coconut on top and press into marshmallow cream.

Next, go back to your pot of chocolate and cover those bad boys up!

Once they are all covered, put them back into the refrigerator/freezer to harden the chocolate. After they are hardened, flip the mold over and pop them out! Keep repeating the process until you use up all your chocolate and marshmallow cream! The end result is amazing! It is a tedious process, but well worth it! I’m using mine for Christmas gifts!


1 bag milk chocolate

1 jar marshmallow cream

1 bag of toasted coconut


paint brush

Little Man behaving šŸ™‚

Eating marshmallow cream

Helping Mommy

My sister had a GREAT time. lol.