So tonight I am having my cousins over for supper. Two of them… not all of them! If it was all of them I would have to have myself a cafeteria! I think I’m going to make meatloaf. I have a recipe from my aunt that I absolutely LOVE! You see, I’m quite the picky eater. I love to cook, but if there are “chunks” of things in my food… I freak out. And meatloaf tends to have “chunks”. So to remedy this, I used a meatloaf recipe from a fellow picky eater, my aunt Leigh Anne. I’ll have to post the pics and recipe later, but it really is awesome. I often say I have the taste of a 2 year old, so for all you moms looking for recipes to please your little ones, you can probably find some here on this blog! Ha! I am also going to make a Lusciously Lemon dessert. Oh Mah Gah. It is amazing. If you’ve ever eaten hot fudge cake, this is just like that except it has lemon instead of chocolate! Absolutely mind blowing. I will also post that recipe later. 😉 I am looking forward to tonight!

Tomorrow night I believe I’m going to make Crispy Cheddar Chicken. A friend gave me this recipe and I LOVE it. If you like cheese and chicken, you’ve GOTTA try it.

Wednesday night is “church night”. I usually make something fast since church starts at 7:00. This usually consists of Tyson chicken sandwiches. I love the spicy ones and I always keep frozen buns in the freezer. Take out however many buns I need and let them thaw out while the chicken patties are cooking in the oven and vuala! A chicken sandwich in about 18 minutes. (The buns still taste fresh too!)

Thursday I have a Christmas party to go to. So no cooking.

Friday, (and the rest of the weekend actually) I will be eating out. Tis the season for Christmas parties and such, so this week I am only cooking 3 nights. Also, make sure you make a little extra of everything so that you can have some yummy lunch for the next day!

Can’t wait to post the recipes later!!