So for my “Christmas present” this year, I got a new camera on Black Friday. I LOVE it. So today, we decided to go out and drive around our town and take a few pics. It was SUCH a beautiful day out and I totally fell in love with my new toy. 🙂 Check out some of my shots from the day! (Henry was such a doll the whole time. He loves to ride in daddy’s Bonneville, so he had a blast!)

First, we stopped to take pics at an old sign that has been recently painted in town.
And of course… coffee. I got my favorite, Pumpkin Pie Mocha. Mmmm.
The best little coffee shop around. Fautos.
Henry and daddy
Another recently painted building
I just love old timey barber shops
I wanted to try my hand at a close object.
This is an optical illusion… a picture of a picture. 🙂
I bet you were wanting a pair of these!
My hubs new ride. The Bonneville. a/k/a The Big Rolling Turd 😉
The Roseman House
We stopped to meet one of Jody’s friends, Scott. Henry liked him a lot.

So that was our day… well the first part. Me and my sisters decided to do a photoshoot later that afternoon. Pics to come?? I think so. 🙂 Thanks for checking out my blog and my very first post!